Prajit Kumar Das

Prajit Kumar Das

Product Owner, Senior Software Engineer @ Cisco Systems Inc.

About Me

I am a Senior Software Engineer for Cisco Systems Inc. I am the Product Owner of couple of teams that create software for the Firepower product suite. I design, develop and test various solutions for Cisco's product.

I completed my doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). I was a member of the Ebiquity Research Group. My advisor was Prof. Anupam Joshi and my co-advisor was Prof. Tim Finin. My dissertation topic was: Context-dependent privacy and security on mobile devices.

I have research experience in the areas of mobile computing, machine learning and semantic web. I am adept at mobile app development as well as web development.

I am interested in research positions and new ventures in the mobile domain or in the area of machine learning.


MITHRIL project name

MITHRIL - PhD dissertation project

We present Mithril, a framework for capturing user access control policies that are fine-grained, context-sensitive and are represented using Semantic Web technologies and thereby manages access control decisions for user data on mobile devices. Read the paper from IEEE CIC 2016 here
Check out presentation to find out more
Slides also available on SlideShare
See demo video here

Heimdall project name

Heimdall - System call analysis project

The Heimdall project focused on the analysis of system calls with a goal of classifying apps into their perceived behavior category. Thereby enabling detection of outlier apps that try to do more than described in Google Play Store or what was informed to the user. Read the paper hereCheck out presentation to find out more Slides also available on SlideShare

CARLTON project name

CARLTON - Google Physical Web project

CARLTON is a Google Physical Web based context aware privacy managed question answering system. With the advent of the Internet of Things we face certain significant privacy and security concerns. CARLTON is a framework for managing data privacy for entities in a Physical Web deployment using Semantic Web technologies. It uses context-sensitive privacy policies to protect data privacy. Check out presentation to find out more Slides also available on SlideShare App source

baebots project name

BaeBots - Coding-free platform to build smart, cuddly chatbots

BaeBots is a platform to build chatbot interfaces to Institution specific information about people, places and events. Simply put, users of the chatbot can ask questions like "Who is Dr. Suess?", "Where is Dr. Suess's office?", "When is University Health Services open?" and get answers! Oh and it requires no coding! Check out video to find out more App source

mobipedia project name! - A Mobile Applications Knowledge Base

We present Mobipedia, a Linked data cloud with knowledge on mobile devices. The knowledge base contains information such as application data, and developer meta-data, permissions used (in android), similar apps etc. Our data cloud makes it easier to build tools, perform studies and run analyses. By using semantic techniques knowledge in the endpoint is linked with other Linked Data sources such as DBpedia. Find out more

safepod project name

Safepod - Safer together

"Formally", SafePod is a mobile app that lets your selected friends know if you haven't reached a specified place at a specified time. SafePod also provides a forum for victims to share traumatic experiences anonymously. Remember that person who assumes the role of the caretaker when you go out partying? SafePod will bring that experience to your mobile phone! The goal of SafePod is to create an open community of developers to build technology that makes the world a safer place. App source

FaceBlock project name! - Privacy-Aware Pictures for everyone

FaceBlock is a proof of concept implementation of a system that can create Privacy-Aware Pictures using smart devices. The pervasiveness of Privacy-Aware Pictures could be a right step towards balancing privacy needs and comfort afforded by technology. Thus, we can get the best out of Wearable technology without being oblivious about the privacy of those around you. Read the blog to find out more Watch the demo video


Work Experience

Graduate Research Assistant - Ebiquity Research Group (August 2012 - September 2017)

Doctoral research work with the goal of achieving context-driven access control on mobile platforms.

Research Intern - Samsung Research America (June 2014 - August 2014)

Created privacy control systems on the Android platform for protecting user personal or sensitive data.

PhD Intern - Apple Inc. (June 2013 - August 2013)

Data analytics project with a goal of identifying areas of accuracy improvement for Siri.

Software Development Intern - Symantec Corporation (June 2012 - August 2012)

Development of server side scripts for reporting automated test results of nightly builds of Symantec products.

Software Development Intern - Symantec Corporation (May 2011 - August 2011)

Development of server side scripts for reporting automated test results of nightly builds of Symantec products.

Teaching Assistant - University of Maryland, Baltimore County (August 2010 - June 2012)

Assisting students with their coursework and grading projects, homework, quizzes and exams

Software Designer and Developer - Tata Consultancy Services (September 2007 - April 2010)

Worked as designer, developer, offshore team lead and billing estimation expert for telecom project.

In the News...

Prof. Anupam Joshi quoted in Nature news article on wearable technology

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Was a finalist for the 3 Minute Thesis competition in the 38th UMBC Graduate Research Conference, 2016. Check out my talk in the video below: