Hello World!

Hello! My name is Prajit. This isn’t my first time blogging. I have had couple of blogs over the years. However, I believe none of them are active any more. This post is a traditional “Hello World!” note. It’s a standard practice, often followed by programmers learning a new language, to print this phrase to an output device.

In this edition of my personal blog I have decided to create a few categories of writing. The first category, ‘reading’ will be regarding papers/articles/documents I have read recently. In this category I will summarize my understanding and knowledge gathered from said reading. The second category will be social media related and will contain funny or interesting posts or tweets I came across. The third category will be of photographs, with a short explanation towards their significance. In its current form this blog will have a fourth and final category of ‘old blogs’ and will list any old write-ups that I can still find. I will add more categories as and when I feel necessary.

I hope you enjoy my writings!

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