Created a webpage in 2 hours

Today I created a website using the New Age bootstrap template in under 2 hours. As always, bootstrap made it really easy for me to create a pretty website real fast. The things to keep an eye on and that takes most of the time was mostly to do with maintaining image aspect ratios. A simple hack to do this, is to create a Inkscape project, add the image there, export it at higher resolution and then scale it down using an online tool. It skews the image sometimes, so one needs to be careful. The other technique I use, to create custom images, is to create them by hand in Inkscape or Powerpoint. The resolutions generated by Inkscape is customizable. In addition to that, due its vector image output, rasterization effects are low. Powerpoint is good too but can get slightly tedious at times. Anyway, adding the rest of content took less than 20 minutes and the end result was the site below.

I know, I did not consider the time to buy a domain, setup VPS hosting etc. But before bootstrap such a website would have taken me at least a day. CSS and JS are not the most convenient “programming languages” in the world 😕 but bootstrap has made it real easy to make pretty websites using them. 🙂

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