Baebots @ Angel Hack DC 2016

AngelHack DC. May 21-22, 2016. It was a fun weekend. We spent our time coding up bots! The team consisted of Abhay, Mahbub, Bharat and me. Working from an awesome conference room at Microsoft’s DC office, we developed a Kik bot, a FB Bot and an Alexa Bot to interact with people. The goal was to create a platform to build chatbot interfaces for responding to Institution specific queries. The backend had some simple keyword based search to respond to queries about people, places and events. Here’s a demo of the bot:

Simply put, users of the chatbot can ask questions like “Who is Dr. Suess?”, “Where is Dr. Suess’s office?”, “When is University Health Services open?” and get answers! Oh and we made sure that you (the user) had to do no coding!