Root explains Schrödinger’s Cat

The latest episode of Person of Interest talks about a missing character on the show in terms of Schrodinger’s cat.

Schrödinger wrote in his famous 1935 paper, Schrödinger, E. “The present status of quantum mechanics.” Die Naturwissenschaften 23.48 (1935): 1-26 about a thought experiment, in which a cat is put in a box with a lethal radioactive poison. The poison is just weak enough to ensure a 50/50 chance of survival. However, there is no way to actually know the fate of the cat without opening the box. According to quantum mechanics, the cat is in a superposition until the observation is made. Once the observation is made, classical mechanics of nature hits and the cat is either dead or alive but not both.

Since the character’s fate is not known and she’s probably in captivity of someone dangerous, root explains, that until we make an observation of actually finding her, she is neither dead nor alive but both.

Password Fun

Being a researcher in mobile privacy and security domain, I have always considered myself to be aware of what a good password is. The following cartoon makes me wonder though, if we really are that smart about choosing password strength versus usability.

Password cartoon from xkcd

An interesting project in this regard can be found here.

Simple Audio Visualizer

Discovered an interesting way to visualize music today using Adobe After Effects. The following video from mocarg shows how to do it.

Surely there are many ways to visualize music, but I liked the results from this one. Also see below the results of the same on the Game of Thrones main theme.

Movies 2015

There are a bunch of movies coming out in 2015. Some of them look really good. Here are some of the movies I am looking forward to.

Finally leading up to December 18, 2015. This day is going to be big because, Star Wars (duh!).

Update(July 12, 2015): I was correct about 2 movies, wrong about 1 and 1 over-hyped Star Wars movie is coming soon! I can hardly wait for it…

Please don’t disappoint:

Funny things seen online







Hello World!

Hello! My name is Prajit. This isn’t my first time blogging. I have had couple of blogs over the years. However, I believe none of them are active any more. This post is a traditional “Hello World!” note. It’s a standard practice, often followed by programmers learning a new language, to print this phrase to an output device.

In this edition of my personal blog I have decided to create a few categories of writing. The first category, ‘reading’ will be regarding papers/articles/documents I have read recently. In this category I will summarize my understanding and knowledge gathered from said reading. The second category will be social media related and will contain funny or interesting posts or tweets I came across. The third category will be of photographs, with a short explanation towards their significance. In its current form this blog will have a fourth and final category of ‘old blogs’ and will list any old write-ups that I can still find. I will add more categories as and when I feel necessary.

I hope you enjoy my writings!